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For Valdemir Mota de Menezes

I am absolutely opposed to these protests and manifestos of the Brazilian people in the month of June 2013. While not enjoying the kind of people who govern our country, I can not condone social disorder.

It is better to be ruled by tyrants than to have the people in power.

Every popular revolution brings with consequences worse than the old regime. This bullshit of popular revolution is something to rabble, classes of people the worst kind.

French Revolution -

I still have anger the king of France, Louis XVI was not energetically against popular demonstrations in France in the eighteenth century that culminated in the bloody French Revolution and fall of monarchical governments. When the people came to power, they (people) showed all his tyranny, killing the royal family, then the people in power started to see in all a conspirator against the revolution and anyone accused of conspiracy was immediately taken by the guillotine Robert Pierre and mass popular bloodthirsty. Never mantou so many people out unfounded accusations as in the French Revolution.

Bolshevik Revolution

In the twentieth century came the united people doing shit again (1917), killed the royal family of the Russian Czars and established a system of "equality" called communism. The people in power took the damn trespassing entrepreneurs and established the bastard communism in Russia, they possessed during the regime of the Iron Curtain were responsible for the deaths of 25 million Russians and more also in other countries that have fallen into the hands of Communists.

People in power is a sign of disgrace.

Chinese Revolution

Again, deposed royal family and bloodshed for imposition of the socialist regime.

Cuban Revolution

Those thugs and junkies like Che Guevara and his mercenaries led the Cuban revolution, and "people power was" great, put a dictator in the name of the popular will, the infamous Fidel Castro. Today Cuba is not only poorer than Haiti in America .....


No claim can justify acts of vandalism, theft, looting, damage, destruction and blocking public roads. In a few days the Brazilian criminal manifestations, thousands of merchants had their eyesores destroyed, others who lived with his alternative transport vehicle for transporting passengers, had their cars destroyed and burned and lost their livelihoods life.


Should be preserved the right to freedom of expression, but block the roads and promote pillaging and looting of assets, should be rebuffed with maximum strength of the state. The police should have state authorization to shoot with lethal weapons (Bombs, grenades, metraladoras, rifles, guns and even tanks and helicopters and warplanes). The state should identify and eliminate all the rebels who are promoting disorder in Brazil. No matter the motivations of the protests, we can not accept the establishment of chaos in the name of any popular demonstration.


Civilian governments in Brazil are showing they are weak and on behalf of popular demagoguery, are allowing criminal gangs increasingly strengthen and gain power status, continumante forcing the government to meet their reividicações. I hope that the ministers of the armed forces and the commanders of the Military Policemen of states are beginning to giving talks to restore order. The democratic politicians only want to please the mass of miserable moral and spiritual seize up public money to enrich themselves ..


People and family of good character, does not enter into groups that are rampaging in the streets. Parents should not allow their young children to take this adventure and turmoil of war play against the police. I have seen many criminals in these rallies just wanting an opportunity to steal, others are middle-class youth who are looking for adventure and adrenaline.

Cannon shot in the face is the best remedy to establish order.

Advise the government murky PT gives the "ultimate fighting cock." (Get off the street and back to foster riot police crushed the cock).


This day has also been reasons of happiness for me because every day I spend more fatalistic and I'm absolutely sure that no political party, no ideology and no socialist civilization reach peace and harmony, without Christ. My political party is Theocracy-Messianic not believe in any system of human government. At this point the Witnesses have my appreciation, they are totally averse to politics. Every true Christian understands that popular protests, revolts and revolutions are things of Satan. The Devil promoted the first rebellion against Dictatorship uiversal of God, the Absolutist Monarchy of God. Lucifer was the first representative of democratic thought ("Angels in power")


Soon after Germany adhere to Protestantism of Luther, the people thought that freedom was a pretext to promote riots and looting, the German princes spoke with Luther on how the government should react, and Luther autirzou military force against demonstrations. About one hundred thousand rebels were killed (Thank God)

Today I did my part, a fast consecrated to God that the order is re-established in Brazil, and the Devil withdraw soldiers from the streets with their destruction.


I conclude by quoting John 18:36:

"Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, my servants would fight ..."

Brothers of Brazil and of the world pray for peace in this ignorant souls, and blinded by sin and rebellion.

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